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Angela –

Victim Location 97838

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was interested in buying a Small Pomeranian, this website has several beautiful puppies and if you like one they have you send them some info like name email and phone number and then they will contact you. They send a long convincing email at first but then it started getting sketchy when they said they could have the dog delivered to me by the next day, I know that cannot be because I have bought a dog like this before and its a process and takes some days to get the dogs cleared for flight. Also he wanted me to send him payment via Walmart Money Gram and that was the only form of payment he accepted and that then when he received my money he would start the paperwork, I was originally interested in three dogs, as I asked more questions and asked for recent photos he got upset and only sent me photos from the photo shoot posted on the website, he had excuses as he was not at home and could not send me pictures and was just pressuring me to send the money. Then when I picked a puppy he told me it was gone and sold, then I asked for one of our other options well same he said someone just beat you to it just now, so I was like ok I’ll take the last one. But since this was all by email I wanted to talk to someone to confirm and feel more reassured this was not a scam, when I called him he did not recognize my number and so then I just pretended to be an interested customer, I asked what dogs were available and he said all the dogs all the dogs on our website! When I told him I had actually been talking to someone via email and I was told otherwise he put me on hold and then said sorry I was gone today and did not know they sold. If you go to their website today all those same dogs are on the website, I am typing this a week later. He then said you just need to hurry and send me the money or someone will beat you to the dog. This website is a Scam.

Robin –

Victim Location 14094

Total money lost $550

Type of a scam Other

made agreement to send money via money gram, which we did, got message that he received ,money.

he in turn arranged for shipping, and shipper checked on our address, even to finding our property on google.

But the BIG problem, they would not ship unless they received another $950 for some kind of health insurance on the

pup. to us, it sounded like a huge amount for a little pup to travel . so we did not send that $950 to shipper,

Friendly Pet movers

Breeder Rocky said he will return our $550 in 15 days . will he though?

Kristi –

Victim Location 13617

Total money lost $562.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Said they have pomeranian puppies for sale AKC registered and free shipping. After they got their money they said that the shipping company

realized that a new law went into affect 7 days ago and I was to send $950.00 to Borris Njuh (fake name I am sure) the seller of the dog for insurance before the dog could fly. The law is bogus so I didn’t send the $950.00 and there is no dog or refund.

Rachel –

Victim Location 37909

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Scammer attempted to obtain money by claiming to be selling AKC-certified pomeranian puppies at a fraction of the usual cost. Scammer was unable to provide any evidence of the puppies being real, and became hostile when pressed for verification. Site also uses same pictures, resources, dogs, and reviews as, another scamming site.


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