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Latoya – Jul 27, 2020

I was also offered a job, knowing it was too good to be true, I thought to myself maybe it is legit it’s a cryptocurrency company so they pay good, but here you go after 1 week of working with them my account was $-8,247.11 I tried contacting the personal assistant who was training me and he said he would get in contact with the company, after 10 minutes he blocked my number and deleted his WhatsApp.

Amelia – Jun 15, 2020

Victim Location 94553

Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job for this company, but something didn’t sit right, so I messaged one of the advisors they listed, who let me know it was a scam

Meghan – Jul 07, 2020

I got a job offer too from Rocket Messenger LLC. They offered a part-time job earning $3500/mo. After a few email exchanges from Patrick Clow I was asked to fill out an application that required me to take a selfie with my ID in the selfie too.


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