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Leah –

Victim Location 70601

Type of a scam Identity Theft

469 998 7324 Robinson Firm, Christopher Thomas just called me telling me I was having charges on me by Grant Funding because I wrote them a NSF check. He had my SS# DOB Address everything. Little did he know I don’t own checks, I certainly didn’t write one. I asked him a few things like well how much was the check for he said originally $400 but because of all the legal fees it’s 3 times that amount and I could settle restitution for $1200 today or he would be turning me over to the General State Attorney’s Office. I asked them hmmm….is it different in Texas than Louisiana? He asked what did I mean I said well in Louisiana bad checks require a Certified letter, then another letter from the local DA it was turned over to. I told him this must be really bad if it goes all the way to the top. I laughed he said go ahead and laugh you are going to jail. We will be issuing a warrant today! I said issue the warrant tell the police to meet me at your office give me your address, I’m on my way. He hung up!!!!!! Everyone that reads this call this trash and tell them how you feel about scams. They obviously know all of my personal information but what’s worse is I read online about this number and people actually gave them money over the phone. I called them back no answer. He actually called me back and threatened me and said You’re going to jail for a long time. I said NO YOU ARE. You picked the wrong person to threaten! (by the way its a sweet little woman that answers as the receptionist she then transfers you to total scamming [censored] of the earth trash Christopher Thomas) He said they were in Austin, Tx but who knows. He had all of my information including my dob ss the fact that I had an account with JP Morgan Chase and my address.


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