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Joanna –

Victim Location 98531

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a call from this company called Roberts and Associates saying we owed some payday loan eight years ago don’t remember it then they threatened that if we didn’t pay $300 on the phone by the end of the day that they were going to sue us in court put a lien on property and send our case to the district attorney we have never received any written documentation from this company about any such debt so I called an attorney I actually know and she looked it up and found out they are not a licensed legitimate company and they are not legally able to even sue or collect any debts because they are not licensed in the state of California so they are liars scammers and saying that it is from 2008 and the statute of limitations would be way over that if it was even a valid debt

Maurice –

Victim Location 99205

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I got a call from a firm identifying themselves as LPS saying that I was being contacted about some papers I had previously refused to sign. I’ve never been served with papers in my entire life. They said that I had two hours to return the call and gave me a case number. I called the number, where the women answering the phone stated that I had reached Roberts and Associates, a law firm that was acting on behalf of a debt that I never even had that had been delinquent since 2009. I bought a home in 2009 and a new car in 2016 and no such blemish on my credit report has ever been raised. The number that they called from was 213-465-0183. I researched online and found 10 or 12 or so comments where the same number called with the same MO being very aggressive and cryptic.


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