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Brian –

Victim Location 43204

Type of a scam Romance

This person identifying as Robbie Ludetta Laurence contacted me on Okcupid. They said they were born in Italy but living in Dublin, Ohio. It started out texting and progressed to phone calls. However, the scammer never picked up when I called him. He did have an Italian accent and spoke very good English. He put off meeting me citing work obligations. He said he was a piping engineer. Then he had to travel to Utah to present his work. We talked on the phone and texted for 2 weeks. He sent me a pic of himself on an airplane. At this point he had already started telling me he loved me. He had details like having brought his dog with him and that he had to go buy snacks for the dog. Then he said he got the job and had to go to Indonesia for a month. All the while he was proclaiming love for me. He asked me questions from the NYTimes article about 36 questions to make you fall in love, which I recognized. He said his eye color was brown but the pics he sent showed a blue-eyed man. I did image searches on all the pics and did not find them. This person had no internet presence by name either. He spoke a few times of his mother in Sicily. He said he wanted to send me a gift and I game him my home address. He had 4 pounds of See’s chocolates sent to me. Eventually things proceeded to phone sex. In which he sent me a pic of an obviously much younger man’s body. I was tipped off by this and did an image search and found it on many porn sites. When confronted he denied it was not him. Eventually he went along with my suggestion that he was embarrassed by his body. I stopped talking and texting and emailed him that I knew he was a catfish scammer. I blocked his phone number. I reported his information to Okcupid, FBI IC3. I told him to stop emailing me. I received an email from him after that saying that he missed me.


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