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Diana –

Victim Location 93215

Type of a scam Investment

A person claiming to be Paola Terrones made contact with one of our parents claiming to be with the Migrant Education Program. During the initial contact, she claimed that they were giving away free computers and software to migrant eligible families. They were told to simply sign a paper stating that they understand that this Riviera’s Systems, Inc. organization were simply providing them with educational information and what benefits the computer and software will provide. Nowhere on this initial paper does it state that they are in agreement to purchase any equipment or service. The parents were told that they would receive a computer and software. When they arrived with the computer and software they told the parents that they had to provide $300 cash immediately or they would be taking to collections for the full amount. Out of fear, the family provided them with $200 cash, received no receipt, and are now being billed monthly to eventually pay over $3,000 for equipment and services that the public school system provides for FREE. It is clear that this so called company is taking advantage of immigrant families and scaring them into paying for equipment they were tricked into accepting. Contact was made with the company by the school district to state that the family does not wish to keep the computer and would like to return it (it is still in its original package). The company claimed that they will be sending a form to the family providing them instructions with how to return the computer and cancel payments. This has not happened.


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