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Christina –

Victim Location 95624

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a pop up on my Laptop stating that my computer had detected a virus. Did the recommended scan to check for viruses and the pop up stated viruses found and to click link to have viruses removed. 2nd window that came up was for MacKeeper (scam site). Did not download. However, did use the online chat with a representative (whom I thought was with Apple, due to the fact that the site looked just like Apple Support.) I was asked to describe my problem. The reply was to give my name & contact number and a technician would contact me shortly for help. Not less than 1 minute later, got a phone call from a STEVE, who states he is an Apple Technician. He states he needs remote access to my laptop to see what type of damage has been done. A link (LOGMEINERESUE.com) will be sent through the online chat forum. You will be requested to click the link, once you click the link the scammer has remote access to your laptop. Scammer will move around on the screen looking as if he is trying to figure out what has happened. Scammer points out some random files saying these are malware. Scammer of course states laptop needs to fixed and will run at top performance afterwards. Scammer states could be done over the phone for a fee of $99.00 and would take about 60-90 mins to complete. The scammer uses the TEXT WRITER asking for NAME; ADDRESS; PHONE NUMBER and other things. Luckly, I had my husband s/w the scammer because my husband knows a lot more about computer softwares and anti-viruses. I starting noticing the scammer change his attitude, tone and even gave my husband a higher price of $159.00 total. I got back on the phone and asked why the sudden hike in price and that is when the scammer became flustered. I told the scammer that I would just bring my laptop into an Apple Store to have it fixed. Scammer hung up and I quickly closed out of everything. I noticed as soon as the scammer hung up all the pop ups disappeared, including the fake Apple pngage w/ the online chat. Out of curiosity, I called the number back to hear the company (RiseZone) not APPLE. I even called and s/w a real Apple Support Rep and the Rep confirmed I had been scammed and the person was trying to get my person information right in front of my face along with my money for a virus that they planted and then pretend to fix it later. Apple Support Rep gave me a website to download a free anti-malware software to hopefully get rid of virus.


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