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Valerie –

Victim Location 30906

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A few days after applying for a bunch of data entry jobs I got a text message claiming to have reviewed my resume for a data entry position, asking me to invite somebody on "Gmail Hangout". When I did so they began to conduct an interview with me entirely through hangouts which was already strange, but they offered way too good money for a work-at-home online job (almost twice minimum wage during training!), and the grammar and wording of certain things (like "trainees will imbibe a direct-stringent approach") made me suspicious, as well as instant responses to my answers when they clearly didn’t even read them. I did some searching and found it to be a common scam, several lines were exactly the same from these other people who had been contacted. According to the experiences of others, they eventually ask for your bank info and send you a phony check to buy ‘office equipment’ from a vendor, the check bouncing a week or two later forcing you to pay out of pocket. I thanked the scammer for wasting my time before it got to that point and exited the conversation.


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