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Jacqueline – Aug 01, 2020

Hit me up, trying to get my personal information for free money

Emily – Jul 06, 2020

I was contacted told about a grant given by mr Housewright by a former classmate from school, I googled his name and refused to contact him I’m not sure my class mate is actually contacting me. She said she wasnt getting scammed and refuse to report this so I am

Alexis –

Victim Location 85022

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

This was friending someone through Facebook and then he uses texting to explain the grant to be delivered, orders for how to cooperate to receive the delivery and becomes harsher as days go by with new requirements and further fees to be paid to receive the money grant. No grant is delivered claiming that the IRS intercepted the delivery of the grant and high taxes need to be paid to have the IRS release the grant.


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