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Ernest –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Scammer contacted me from a Kijiji ad by phone. I was asked to email this person who was someone’s dad and let them know about the item. When j emailed them they asked for my email associated with PayPal, phone number and cost and my full name. I received emails from "PayPal" giving instructions on how to proceed. Which stated money had been deposited, including shipping, and was on hold until I paid the shipping company 400$ to a Walmart or credit union to a "shipper". I was starting to think something wasn’t right when they were very insistent I hurry with this process. Also when I read the email again and realized it was to go to the US in Pennsylvania. I went to the credit union and they advised me. And I have been trying to contact pay pal. I cancelled my pay pal account and informed Kijiji. I informed them I was canceling the transaction and said to cancel their money as I’m investigating the transaction. They informed me that yes credit union would say that to help prevent fraud. They started to get annoyed and told me so. And I told them to cancel. They then sent me another email. Insisting I go make the payment at credit union. Scammers email was Richard Ford. Had an image for the email of a Military personnel. It appeared as though the item was to be shipped to Pennsylvania.


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