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Courtney – Nov 13, 2020

I was contacted by this individual using a trusted friend of mine in my contact offering $5000 for $200. Please don’t fall for it as I did. She stated get a vanilla card and send a picture of it along with a copy of the receipt. Please watch it

Scott – Aug 09, 2020

i uploaded info to this as i got very similar scenario most info on here matched same also number change only im messaging one that sent rhonda info to me there daughter to see if facebook got hijacked or if actually was lagit message to start but did one sent the info to me get scammed?

Andrea –

Victim Location 76108

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

I had a friend Contact me about a deal for government grants

She gave me a name Rhonda Moll. I had my reservations but since it was a friend that I trusted. . She was the bait that lured others in. I went ahead in gave them money. I was so into getting the reward that I wasn’t paying attention to what was happening.

Have always considered myself someone that pays attention but I guess everybody can get had every now and then. So if someone ask you about government grants Be very wary of this because it’s a scam.

Here is the person name and info so no one else can get had like I did.

Now I am paying on what they left me.



[email protected]

Website: httpswww.facebook.com
Phone: +1 (832) 937-6850

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