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Shanna –

Victim Location 40744

Total money lost $49.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a error message on my chrome book saying that i had received a zeus2virus and to remove it call customer support at 1-800-696-4076 well I called and then this man told me that i needed a firewall and it costed 99.99 and i explained to him i only had 54 dollars on a debit card and he put me on hold then came back and said he could do it for 49.99 so i gave him all my info and he told me my firewall will follow me for life well he said he would send me a receipt via email when i was done talking to him i check my email and my receipt was not there. then i called the number back and it was unavailble when i finally did get them to answer i ask the man if my firewall was good for 3 years or a lifetime and he said 3 years. and he hung up on me twice.


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