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Ann –

Victim Location 89130

Total money lost $378.57

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I wrote previously about ordering products for $4.95 and $5.00 and not realizing the credit card used would be billed an additional$89.41 & $94.90. Then another shipment came (I did not realize would), and the credit card was charged another $94.36 and $99.90. Upon calling to cancel and saying I wanted to return it for credit, I was given this address to return it to for a refund: HR Fullfillment 3202 W Hillsborough Ave #153201-1168 Tampa, FL 33684. They mentioned several times to get a tracking # and that THEY AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS LOST IN THE MAIL. When printing out the tracking label on the postal service program, it changes the zip from 33684 to 33614. There is no way to override it. I went to and it says the post office does not serve either address, and that if mailed there, it may be returned to me! I called Randy at 855-904-9283 and explained that. He insists that is the correct address (using 33684), and that they receive packages all the time. It is not possible to print a tracking label showing 33684. It goes into the bar code info as 33614. I also saw on a site, that tried mailing to them and it was returned to BBB. PLEASE REPORT THIS TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. I ALSO HOPE IT IS REPORTED TO THE GOVERNMENT AS I BELIEVE IT IS A FEDERAL CRIME BECAUSE IT CROSSES MANY STATE LINES. THEY SERVE US AND CANADA. In case you need this info also: Product names are Reversaderm skin care instant lifting creme, and Flawless Youth skin care SkinTensive xCel. When the credit card is charged, it shows: ERM SKINCARE & NATHLTH*REJUVAGLOW. Please help, It would be greatly appreciated. They should not get away with scamming people out of hundreds of dollars with no way to return the items. By the way, they are only 1 oz each and cost $94.36 and $99.90! They made it look like you could try them for only $4.95 & $5.00. Thank you in advance for your help.


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