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Cole –

Victim Location 21046

Type of a scam Debt Collections

It started off by me missing a call and having a voicemail on my phone. It was a recorded message that sounded choppy and I could hear every other word so I returned the call.

There were two different men, a junior officer (Thomas William badge number RM82369) and senior officer (James Adman badge number IRM7866), that I spoken with. They also kept saying this call is recorded for court documentation. They said I owed back taxes from 2012-2017 and a warrant out for my arrest and the police are coming to arrest me but I can have the arrest dropped if I pay the money owed which is $3,248. The two ways to resolve are to go to court which I may owe an additional $70,000 if I lose the case or have a chance to have my fine reduce if I want to resolve out of court. They aren’t allowed to ask me any information such as social security and bank information.

They said they have been sending information to me but I haven’t responded and I’m running away from the law and have 4 violations. They are going to seize my car and home and my bank accounts.

If I want to resolve out of court then I can speak with the senior officer to go about that.

They did have my previous address that I just moved from and gave me the address on file.

Fast forwarding the story, I started talking to the senior officer and he said that because I haven’t contacted back I have late fees of $248 that they can take off from how much I owe them and decrease it to $3000.

I asked about payment plans or website to repay and he kept avoiding the question. And he told me that there are two disclosures before they continue with the process of repayment to waive off the warrant for my arrest.

1. This line can not be disconnected in anyway or the police will come and get me.

2. I am not allowed to disclose this matter to anyway until after payment matters have been taken care of and I have received a the confirmation number from them.

Or I will face 5 to 10 Years and owe an additional $70,000 plus court fees.

He began to say I have to use EFTPS (electronic federal tax payment system). Payments have to be made through government stores where I will receive a tax verification vouchers. The government locations that I can go to are CVS pharmacy, Safeway, Walmart, and Royal Farms.

He asked what location was closest to me and how far away. I told him Walmart and 15 minutes.

I asked him again, so how are the payment plans setup. He said, payment plan? The amount was reduced to $3000. Why do you need a payment plan? So I told him I don’t have it. He then began to say to let him speak to his attorney to see what they can do.

Then after being put on hold, he began to ask me what credit cards did I have. A bank, or Suntrust, or MasterCard, etc. Because he is looking into my accounts and can see. And even mentioned about me having two credit cards and which is what? Are any store cards etc. I mentioned I have a store card and a bank card. They asked me about the store card which company, but I didn’t give them details and said I have a bank credit card. He began to say he sees I have $1000 to pay for it, and then I told him, no because all of my accounts are maxed out.

So he says well how much can you pay. So I repeated $50 several times because he acted as if he couldn’t hear me. After he realized the amount I said I could pay, he says that doesn’t pay off the amount owed and the amount is due in full right now or the warrant is going out and the police will arrest you at your home. So you can’t not pay the $3000 he asks again. I tell him no, and he says well the Columbia police are on there way to arrest you and I will see you in court and hangs the phone up.

After I get off the phone, my co worker says her husband was called recently about the same thing and that they found out it was a scam as well. And that the IRS does not call you. They only send communication through mail.


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