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Benjamin –

Victim Location 90035

Total money lost $1,400

Type of a scam Other

I first received a call on 11/19/2015 from Lisa at IDC Servco. The call was for Matt, an employee who had recently left the company and whose position I took over. Lisa told me that Matt had placed an order with them that required payment in order to be fulfilled. But it was brought to my attention today that Matt had cancelled the order and our account with them before he had left our offices in May 2015. Lisa never told me this and has called me several times to fulfill more orders in order to pay off our account. I have been told several times that this order will be our last and that if we cancel our account, they will charge us over $2000 as a cancellation fee, which will end up costing us more than going through with the order. But they have been charging us approximately $1500 last month, and again this month to complete our orders. Back in November, I was told that that order would be the last one and that they would take us out of their system, but they have not. Now the continue to bill us even though we have a supplier.


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