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Kevin –

Victim Location 34983

Total money lost $7,500

Type of a scam Other

If you receive a call from this number it is displayed at Westgate and the company represents themselves as doing business for Westgate owners. Do not fall for it is a scam. The company and its rep Greg Riley comes across as being legit but please do not fall for it. They present paperwork as if they are a real company but once they obtain your money for selling your timeshare you will never hear from them again and now it is too late. The attorney general cannot help you get your money back as the company and its rep are no where to be found.

Cole –

Victim Location 30813

Total money lost $12,200

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

We were called and given paperwork with an offer on our timeshare from Resort Financial Group, 200 E Jefferson, Springfield, Illinois, #217-960-6270, Greg Riley

We were asked for money at several different times for a total of $12,2000 by the Title Closing & Transfers Association, 20 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801, #407-777-8011, Richard Ortiz

No one has made contact with us since July 5th, despite phone calls, texts, and emails.

Christina –

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Contacted by phone to sell a timeshare, asked what we wanted, sent us a contact with a good price in USD. Said the money was guaranteed in an Escrow account at the Bank of America. All this was on the contract, including names and signatures of supposed purchasers. When we signed back acceptance, we were then asked for $2200 USD for closing costs. After that we were notified of property tax of $3800 USD and finally there was lawyers fees, third party payouts of $1800 USD which after I voiced severe annoyance they discounted to $1500 USD. I mention the UDS because we are in Canada and the total of this in Canadian funds was just over $10,000. From there after there was excuse after excuse about why the sale wasn’t completed and our cheque was not in our hands. Finally we gave them 48 hours or we would be contacting the police, to which they decided we were bluffing (we weren’t). We contacted the state police, the Springfield police who in turn made contact with two of the people involved with this company. At that point $3500 USD was returned to us with many promises of the rest coming back as they wanted to make us happy and the sale unfortunately was not able to go through. At this point there hasn’t been any more funds in our hands and the has been more discussions with the police.


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