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Stephen –

Victim Location 64030

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Rental

When I called the contact phone number, it was a sales representative who informed that there was a $90 fee for their company to assist me in locating a house. I was given their office address, and told that after I paid the fee, Rent Source would be able to assist me in locating a rental home. However, all I received for my money was a computer print out containing homes in areas I did not want to live in, and the exact same posts from Craigslist, except containing the landlord or property management contact information. After they took my money, I was then informed that I would need to go through the initial 41 pages they printed out and look at the properties and contact the landlords. When I then asked what I had paid the $90 free for, I was told that it was for their services. I have done all of the work they claimed they would be doing myself. Above and beyond that, I’ve wasted countless hours going through the list I was given, driving around to view the rentals, and contacting the landlords. Every rental I was interested in enough to call on, was already rented out. ..but still sowing up on my online report from Rent Source. The representatives in every department talk in circles, and in the end, when I requested a refund due to them not providing me any assistance, and, in fact, wasting countless hours of the precious time I have to find a new home, I was transferred to a pre-recorded message that stated if I called, emailed out went into their office every single for the first 30 days straight, then I could send a written request for a refund of half my money.

Vincent –

Victim Location 64150

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Moving

Went to the location in Independence to seek help with finding a place to move, since I had to move on such short notice. They claimed they could help. We paid $90 for a list of properties that were suppose to be vacant and majority of these people never called us back, the properties were a mess, or properties weren’t going to be available for months. They claim you can get your money back but when you request to do so they come up with an excuse to say you can’t.

Stefanie –

Victim Location 66204

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Rental

I recently visited rent source only after being coaxed into cooking too the office by a man named Damon. They took ninety dollars from us and printed me off a list of homes, all of which were either rented or not real locations. We were told that if we were unhappy with the service within thirty days we could get a refund. I walked in today and was told there was nothing they could do, very rudely spoken to about further stipulations, and talked to like an [censored] add I was handed the same paper as the first visit. These people are terrible people. All the reviews I’ve read about them have the same problems and honestly they need to be shut down.


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