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Christopher –

Victim Location 38053

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Rental

I found the ad for the lease to purchase home on Craigslist. He above named wanted 3500$ down and 800$ a month including homeowners coverage and payment of yearly land taxes. We signed a lease to purchase after my husband came up with the money for deposit. This relationship had been up and down from the beginning with them threatening on one day for deal and off again, we did have some issues getting the money but it was all paid in full and both parties were in agreement we signed the lease and were given permission per the lease to store some items on the premise. When that day came we were met with resistance and they said we could come back at a later time that never happened we were avoided by phone and text. So I gave them 24 h to respond and when that didn’t happen we called the police to escort us to get a few things we had at property. Basically the end result was that they changed they’re mi d about selling house and will not return our money which we can’t get back without filing in a civil court. Please remember this it’s too good to be true sometimes and just do more research. Also don’t give up hope like I feel like doing 2 wks prior to move in that is not going to happen.


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