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Francisco –

Victim Location 19606

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They’ve been calling me for years, from different numbers. They threaten legal action, being served papera, etc. The first few times they called, they made threats, I panicked and paid. Calls stopped for a few years and began again about a year ago. Same threats. They’re also calling my terminally ill mother frequently. And my exhusband. Today, I called and asked them for their mailing address (to send a cease and desist) and they questioned why I wanted it and still refused to provide. The "debt" they’re attempting to collect is under my maiden name, which I haven’t had for 12 years. When they first started calling they said the debt was from 2006. Today they said 2010. When I pointed out the date was 4years after I legally changed my name, she claimed it must be a clerical error. Okkkkk. I’m just so tired. And frustrated.


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