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Randi –

Victim Location 32968

Total money lost $210

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On my Facebook page, there was a video demo for this great eye cream that makes wrinkles disappear in under a minute and is suppose to last up to 8 hours. There was a button that said "rush my trial for only $5.95". I clicked the button and entered all my billing and shipping info. When I was done, at the bottom I clicked the button that said "complete my order". After I clicked hat button I saw that I was charged for a second product for 5.95. I didn’t think it was a big deal I just thought "what’s an extra 5 bucks". A few weeks later I see two charges in my checking account for $99.00. Keep in mind, I did not receive a confirmation email, confirmation number, tracking number, no invoice was sent to me, nothing. I received my package and I did not receive the original product that was in the advertisement video they claimed to be selling. I was sent something completely different, a product I have never seen before and for sure did not order. The package came with a small piece of paper with the name of the product and a phone number. The package did not come with an invoice or receipt. I called the number and told them that I did not receive the correct product and nicely asked if I could return the unopened bottle. The lady I was speaking with was rude and told me I could not return it. She also mentioned that I did not read the terms and conditions (which were not provided on Facebook) and that’s why I was charged $99.00 extra. I asked if I could speak to a manager and she said she was the manager. I told her that I never received any invoice, confirmation, etc. She told me that it is not required to send a confirmation email. I told her I had no way to get a hold of them even if I wanted to because I had no contact information as it was not given to me on Facebook at the end of my order. I wasn’t even sure if my order processed or not. I asked her what the website was for the product and she asked me to hold so she could look it up. What manager doesn’t know their own website? I have now done more research on the product and I am seeing that so many other who have had the same exact experience. Only one girl it happened to, her mother is a judge and she got 100% of her money back. Another person who got reimbursed in full was a girl who saw this product advertised by Dr. Oz. When she sent the advertisement to the show asking if it was legitimate, they answered her back saying absolutely not and that they are not affiliated with the in any way. She provided this document to the company and they then refunded her money in full. This is a scam and trick. The product you get is not what you think you are buying. I am a licensed esthetician and I know what good ingredients are. Every single ingredient in this product will not benefit anyone with their wrinkles.


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