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Ricardo –

Victim Location 23838

Type of a scam Rental

be careful when receiving a phone call to rent out your timeshare from Regal-m(Regal Marketing Inc) the names that they go by are albert Gilder and Matthew Green claiming that they are brokers and you can search their broker info Oklahoma state site. They claimed that they can rent my timeshare for $28,098 but I would have to closing costs (maintenance fees of $3,870.00 and would have to pay a third party escrow company based out of Pennsyvannia (Berkshire Green, INC, 1154 Berkshire Blvd, Wyomissing, PA 19610) I asked them to provide their broker license and appears they sent an altered license of Benjamin A. Miller. Their phone numbers and emails is 610-400-1593 fax 610-646-0501

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Logan –

Type of a scam Rental

I received a phone call from Regal marketing stating that they had been hired to secure accommodations for participants at the Ironman competition at Cozumel, Mexico. They had somehow accessed our timeshare information at Palladium and wanted to know if we wanted to rent any weeks. I was suspicious so asked for his credentials and website information and it appeared to check out. He said they would cover maintenance fees or the all inclusive fees that we may have to pay plus we would get compensated for the loss of those weeks. He sent me a contract laying out all the monies they were going to cover. He said that I would be contacted by another company who would hold all these funds in a trust account with me as the beneficiary. I was then contacted by Berkshire Green Inc who said that I would need to send them a wire transfer to pay for the all inclusive fees but I would receive a FedEx package delivered to me at closing and they would transfer the transfer fees plus rental amount into my account. I had asked early on if I was going to have to pay anything up front and was told no. Then they sent me the instructions for the wire transfer at which time I said I was no longer interested. I had also seen a complaint that sounded similar. I was lucky to catch it in time. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.


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