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Alexandra – Oct 06, 2020

I bought car seat 93 dollars but they didn’t sent that and didn’t give me my credit back.what should I need do return back my money back.

Brandy – Sep 08, 2020

They operate under different doman- singousw.
But when I placed my order I have to make a payment to redhealth honk hong

Kenneth – Sep 08, 2020

I order a sawing machine back in July 2020 and no matter how many emails I sent to them I didn’t get one responds. They never send me my order.
When I checked there web side it was gone. It’s a scam …
Now I’m trying to get my money back and I filled claim with my bank
Hopefully they will be able to give me my money back.

Travis – Sep 05, 2020

They ripped me off 2 times. Lost over 200 and haven’t got reimbursed for it.

Bryan – Aug 25, 2020

I’d like to have my 122.99 put back on my PayPal or give me my [censored]in swimming pool. This is why online shopping sucks everyone is always trying to get over on someone and if I don’t get my money back I hope spending it gives you a lifetime of bad luck.

Shawn – Aug 20, 2020

I bought a swimming pool from them, never got a email or could get in touch with them. My credit card company wouldn’t reimburse me cause they said I didn’t have a cancellation email.

Holly – Aug 16, 2020

I ordered my son a DeWalt impact drill for his graduation gift from high school. I received a random package in the mail with some cheap piece of jewelry in it. When I tried to track the impact drill with the number that was given to me it came back to this cheap piece of jewelry. At this point I am not sure what to do. I have tried to contact the company and they told me to be patient that my order was still on the way. And I have emailed them two other times with no response. is there anything that I can do at this point to recoup the money I have lost.

Daniel – Aug 11, 2020

I ordered a vacuum cleaner for $99 on June 17 from red health products company. Never got it. I emailed them I got no reply. What can I do?

Kari – Aug 04, 2020

Scam out of 119.95 REDHEALTHWORLD

I too ordered a pair of jordans back in June i paid $119.95 for them all i got back os a pair of 99cent earri gs also. Very mad i dont know how to get my money back

Lance – Aug 02, 2020

My son ordered a pair of Jordans from this website and after almost 2 months and several emails he received a pair of $1earrings. This is unacceptable and they need to be stopped and shut down.

Leslie – Aug 04, 2020

Have you any clue to contact them other than by email

Brian – Aug 01, 2020

Thot we ordered a pool from Home Depot for $120 June 23, 2020. Charge came on credit card of $121.19 on June 27th from Red Health Hong Kong. Filed a dispute with our cc comp. June 27th. Received earrings in the mail. We couldn’t find RH contact info. Called cc comp. again after finding all of these complaints and explained this along with some of these experiences. We are now filing a fraud claim and getting our money back and a new card #!

Lydia – Aug 01, 2020

Scammer’s website Red Health. Com

Scammer’s address Hong Kong China

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

We ordered an Intex Pool for $119.99 and charged it on our credit card. The charge has come out in the amount of $121.19. We also received a pair of earrings, but had no idea that they were from this company until I found this site. Earrings came from NY. We actually thought it was affiliated with Home Depot. We have put in a dispute with our credit card co., but they are asking for more information that we are having trouble finding, such as phone number and an official address other than Hong Kong China. We want our money back!

Alexander – Aug 18, 2020

I also ordered a LEGO set for my daughter but got the same earrings!

Rebekah – Jul 31, 2020

Also ordered the Friends lego set and got the earrings!

Albert – Jul 29, 2020

Horrible it sicken me to know people are scamming u at a time like this…they have returned every email as well…I just emailed them to let them know I reported them..

Savannah – Jul 29, 2020

I ordered a pair of shoes that were 140…been returning my emails but no shoes…sent me so fake jewelry instead…they responds to emails as well…and respond on time as well…I ordered the new Jordans 3 months ago I’m very disappointed cause I’m a mom of 5!and works for her money

Lori – Jul 27, 2020

Back in May I ordered a double stroller for $99.99. It was close to $50 off retail so I thought it was a good deal without being too suspicious. Immediately after I ordered I realized it was coming from China. I needed the stroller within two weeks for a trip so I emailed to ask if I could cancel the order. When they emailed me back I was told it had already shipped and was given a tracking number. So I knew I would just have to order a stroller somewhere else and return this one when it came in or sell it. TWO MONTHS later I received my “order” it was not at all what I ordered but rather a pair of earrings they say is luxury but really isn’t. I immediately emailed to tell them and ask for my refund. They complained that shipping and returning would take too long and would cost ME shipping! So they offered a partial refund of a pathetic 30%. I will be disputing this with my credit card company.

Molly – Jul 27, 2020

Yes, a scam indeed. They offered a deep discount on Lego product; ordered; they strung me along with shipping number. Sent cheap piece of costume jewelry.

Jason – Jul 24, 2020


Cynthia – Jul 23, 2020

We need to commence a class action lawsuit against the company for fraud. Anyone else want to join?

Sarah – Aug 16, 2020

I will definitely sign it!

Sabrina – Jul 27, 2020

I’d sign it!

Carlos – Jul 23, 2020

I ordered a pair of sneakers since june six got some cheap [censored] earrings look like they where 99 cents I will pursue this matter


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