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Angela –

Victim Location 76248

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I have been called over the last 4 years by a "collection" company looking for a Rhonda Brown. I never answer a phone number I don’t recognize but this became incessant from the same phone number. In the last month it has gotten more frequent and leaving 2 second messages to fill my voice mail. I finally called the number to see if it was a machine or person. The person who answered asked if I was Rhonda. I told him "no", told him my actual name and informed him that I had already told them years ago that they had the wrong number. When I realized that I had given them my name I asked for a manger and was tranferred to Shakila. She told me the name and location of the company. As I was explaining that I would be contacting the if I got any trouble with identity theft etc we got cut off (or so I thought) I continued to call back 7 times and was constantly put on hold even in the middle of my sentences. When I asked if this was being recorded because I wanted my warning to be documented I was put on hold again mid-sentence. I assure you no profanity was used but by that time I was raising my voice and demanding that they never call my number again. I was told that my number has been removed. I am just very concerned now that my name and phone number will be used for who knows what kind of scam or illegal activity.


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