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Walter – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 15101

Total money lost $566

Type of a scam Moving

This company will say they need your deposit by E-Check and as soon as the 72 hour window has passed to cancel they will not return email or calls. They are a brokerage to hire the moving company and they provided me with many numbers and emails until you can not cancel and the numbers they provide to the company they "claim" to have hired are non working numbers. If you call the 800 number they will tell you they can only have someone call you back and they will not call back. You have no recourse on getting your funds back even from bank because of E-Check and they will never provide you with any service. My move has not happened yet but I am very certain from other reviews and since they will not respond to my questions, emails, or calls that they have no intention of providing a service. My bank has stated all I can do is report to ScamPulse.com or small claims court. DO NOT give this company your money it is FRAUD!

Holly – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 33071

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Moving

These people contacted me by phone after i did a search for a moving company. I filled out the form on line indicating how much needed to be moved. they gave me a quote on 2,647.00. I paid the deposit of 1600.00 by check over the phone. I was told that when the movers came, I was to pay them 50% of the balance at pick up and the remaining 50% at delivery (total balance of 1047.00.

When the mover came he wanted 2400.00!! He explained that Razor purposely gave me a low bid so that they could get the deposit. Needless to say, I called Razor and they refused to refund me my money. They did not return my calls and even hung up on me. I did not continue with the move because of the fraudulent actions of Razor.

When I checked their ScamPulse.com ratings, I was shocked! Apparently, they had done the same thing to other customers. I have filed a report with the Florida Consumer Protection Agency. I would encourage other people who have been defrauded by Razor to do the same.


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