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Candace –

Victim Location 53032

Type of a scam Tech Support

While hooking up my new smart TV with my wireless remote I was sent a message on the TV to call this number for tech support;. Unfortunately I lost this number it was done Feb 21, 2019. They did get my smart Tv working after giving them a credit card number for a charge of $89.99. I thought this was unusual, but was frustrated at that point. But recently they invaded my computer and tried scamming me again concerning my computer. I then did some digging and found that they have my IP address and started calling legal businesses concerning this matter. I have already contacted about this 2nd scam Right PC EXperts and called the ScamPulse.com out of Milwaukee WI. This company then rescinded my CC charge from my CC. I just wanted to let you know about this one concerning my Smart TV and wish I had more INFO for you.


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