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Jaime –

Victim Location 91331

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Met with Ray Santillan Jr. (Private Consultant/ All Government Affairs/ Permit Expeditor- License C.U.P. & A.B.C.) in a meeting room at Avanty Services (14435 Sherman Way St. Van Nuys Ca. 91405 Second Floor- rm. 204 Ab) to discuss a vehicle accident case. after discussing my case he agreed to help me but asked me for $350.00 cash to begin my case.

After meeting with him that one time in person the rest of the case was taken through phone calls. he would ask me for paper work and I would have to go drop it off at the office, but the woman at the front desk told me he had not been there for about the week range but that she would hand him my papers when he happened to come by again, because he only rented their meeting room.

I would call and call but for the most part I had to leave voicemails in order for him to call me back at a better time. and usually he would within the same day a little after within the same week. Until he stopped answering and returning my calls.

I have no idea what happened with my case or if he ever even started my case because I was never showed proof of any case he would always dodge meeting with me personally after the first time.


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