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Sara –

Victim Location 31792

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was called by this company that I had a loan for 5000 dollars.

The agent who called me, told me I had a loan, but due to my credit score I needed to make the first months payment, to prove I would pay the loan and pay on time.

They wanted to me to make the payment with a Rapid pay card, not sure this is the name, I could not find one where I lived, so I called them telling them I could not find the card in our area. So the said to get Google Play cards, the payment was 132.00 a month for 32 months. Being that Google play cards do not come as a 132.00 I ended up getting 145.00 that was the least amount I could fine on a Google card, So I bought the card, I go home scratch the cards, take pictures of the cards and sent them to the company.

Then I get a call after paying the 145.00 that I needed to pay 250.00 for Insurance. I go buy the cards scratch them take pictures of the card and sent it to them.

Then after paying the 250.00 I receive a call I needed to pay 500 dollars more to secure the loan,

I kept telling them I didn’t have the money to pay all this I had to pay my bills, I was never late paying a bill, but they kept telling me as soon as I pay this the money would be put in my checking account within the hour.

I got 250 in Google cards, scratch them off, one of the cars some of the numbers could not be seen, I sent pictures of the cards, and the card that wasn’t any good, they told me due to the card not being able to be used they were not able to use any of the Cards. But now I believe they did use the 200 dollars in the cards they had, They told me to go buy Itune cards, which I got this, they said they would pay me back for the cards that they couldn’t use,

After paying the 500 dollars, I get another call saying they could not put the money into my bank account due to fraud, and it preventing them from depositing the money into my bank account, I told them I had another bank account they could use, they told me it would cost me 850.00 dollars to change bank and accounts, So they would send the money Western Union but they would have to devide the payments up. Then they called me told me they had a different route they were going to put the money into the bank of Canada and they would deposit the money into my bank account, but in order to get the money I would have to pay 500 dollars to get the money released into my account, by then my bank account was gone, I had a check that was return because they never put the money into my bank account, I got 200 dollars finally, and the manager told me he wanted to help me out, he had 300 dollars and he would buy 300 dollars in cards, I told him I had no more money, my light bill was due I had a loan payment due and several credit cards I put off paying trying to get the money. The next day I get a message they had the 200 dollars. When I first asked for the manager he was in a meeting, when I called again, he wasn’t there, them when I called again he had gone on Vacation and would be gone for 10 days, so if I wanted the money I would have to come up with the 300 dollars, I refused to send them any more money, I didn’t have it to send, They called told me that the manager had got the cards, but they were activated. So the cards were no good he was gone for 10 days so I needed to come up with the 300 if I wanted the money. Which I stopped calling them, I wanted nothing else to do with them, I knew there was no loan, they cheated me out of over 1570 or more. One day they text me to call them they were going to put the money into my account that day, but I did not call them back, They told me I would have to wait, When the manager called, he was telling me how so sorry he was about the cards, that he would go back to the store and get them activated, I told him not to I was not taking the loan, or was I sending any more money, he ask me what I wanted him to do, I said return my money. He said he had to talk to his manager, I didn’t get the phone call he said he would call me, I got a text message to pay 50 dollars and they would return my money, I text back to take it out of the money they had, I had no more money to send, I have not heard back from them and when I called the number it saids it was disconnected. This company is on site, but I see no place for a application, plus they say they work with people with poor credit all credit accepted. I don’t know how they got my application, but they did, I do not remember applying through them. But they had information from the application which lead me to believe that I had a loan with them, they said they could find them online, I ask them to send me the paper work where I could look over it and have my finance to look over, they did send me the loan application, it looked real, but my printer wasn’t working at the time, so they said just put in the text message I agreed to the terms of the loan, which I did.

What I didn’t agree to was being scam out of money, having to pay money to get a loan, and keep having to seen them more and more money.

I did notify the FTC and called the local police and made a report, I am still waiting to hear back from them, they had wanted the text messages sent to them, but I couldn’t send them because I had changed cell phones, I am still waiting to hear from them to see what I needed to do. The police man who took the report told me there was nothing they could do.

I have posted them as scammers on line, They don’t care if I called the FTC or the police, all they wanted was money out of me, I know now not hearing from them or being able to reach them by phone they were scammers who just took my money, but I did send it, I ended up taking two small loans to pay my light bill and a loan payment, They didn’t care I had health issues, and I am on oxygen, if they turn my lights off, I would not have my oxygen, all they wanted money.

I don’t know if anything can be done, they say they have companies all over the country under different names, they said they would prove to me they were a true company, if they are why can’t I reach them why is there phone disconnected. It is a hard thing to admit you fall for these scams, and they can get away with it, maybe they used a real company name, because I had many scammers try to reach me, I had to change my phone number due to the number of scam calls I was getting a day, I have the pictures on a phone that is not active, I have the text messages, I should may not said some of the things i said to them, but they didn’t care because they have got away with it, I have the names they gave me, Maybe they are using a real company name, but it the same phone number that is on this site, but I gone and look there no place to apply for a loan that I could see, I have emailed them but no responds, all communications was over the phone or text messages,

I hope this helps someone from being scam and hurt like I have,

I hope this is the loan papers i have others, letters, most are text messages on a phone with pictures of all the cards, i don’t know how to send those being they are on a different phone that is not in use, but everything is saved to the phone. I tried to find the orginal paper work.

Thanks Linda Elton

Daniel –

Victim Location 81008

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was seeking a personal loan to pay off a debt. I have been dealing with financial hardship and did not qualify for a bank loan. I applied to what appeared to a legitimate business. I received a phone call and the name given was Frank Matthews and his title was financial advisor. He had an Indian accent. I informed him that I had credit issues. He said he was able to give me a personal loan for $2,500, based on my income. Then he said I would have to show proof of cash and would need to purchase a prepaid rapid pay card and that I could purchase at Walmart or Walgrens. I went to Walmart and Walgrens and both did not carry this brand of prepaid card. Then he said the Google prepaid card would work. I purchased a Google prepaid card with a balance of $127. and sent him a copy with the activation number. Then he called me and said due to my low credit score, I would need to purchase another prepaid card in the amount of $153. I purchased another card and sent the copy of the activation number. Then he called back and said their system could not run the cards together and that I need 1 card for the total of the two cards and that the other two payments are frozen. I called Goggle and they confirmed both prepaid cards had zero balances and since they are prepaid cards they cannot track who used the balances. I called Frank Matthews and requested a refund. He said he could not refund. I asked to speak to the manager and he transferred me. I question is the manager I spoke to was this Frank Matthews as they appeared to have similar voices. After the fact I realized this was a scam. I checked the website again and noticed the contact was an email address with no telephone number listed. I checked my email he sent me it appeared professional but when I explored it a bit more I noticed it was a gmail account with the address of [email protected] He did send me a professional loan agreement to sign and return.


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