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Katrina –

Victim Location 32250

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

Emailed me at work email. Said they knew my password and said they hacked into my computer and know that I was watching porn and they also said they used my web cam to watch me watch the online porn. Demanded I send them $2900 in bitcoin to keep him from send this information to my contact list. First I don’t watch Porn. Second I don’t have a camera on my computer and third I work to hard for my money to have some low life try to scam me out of it. The email came from Raffarty Donovan. Hopefully going to try to get this reported to police or FBI scam alert. Not sure what it will do but hoping no one falls for this scam.

I can not post image of what they sent, it’s to big. At the end of email is a bunch of nonsensical wording.


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