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Kathryn –

Victim Location 31407

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I owe $2087 for a medical bill and the amount was verified by the billing dept of GA ER Phys. When I was contacted by a collection agency who didnt even give me the name of their company until the end of the call when I REQUESTED it I was only told its PSG. They were extremely unprofessional and told me I owe them $2817.45 because of their "fees." I told them I had never had fees from a collection agency before especially ones that are almost 800$. The lady told me that "oh its just something they do in the area in GA"…(I’ve never had this done before) I asked if they would send me a copy of the statement and who they were and they asked where i lived and i told her and she said i can come up to their company and gave me directions and the suite number but NOT the address. I had money in my acct to pay the collections payment but was so nervous about this company I chose not to pay because of how uneasy I felt with giving out my personal and financial information to a company who didnt even tell me who they were. I had to google the companies name with the little information they provided.



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