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Deepen your stretches . improve your flexibility . and enhance your yoga routine with this Yoga Flexible Stretching Ring!

The Yoga Ring is designed to exercise your calf . back . buttocks or any part of your body.

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The middle fits perfectly with the human spine that effectively alleviate the problem of hunchback and spine bending with consistent usage of it.

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Hence . it provides stability and comfort during pulling exercises and rolling movements. The whole piece is very handy for easy storage and portability!


  • HEAD TO TOE MOBILITY: Not only can you use it to tighten thighs . you can also do legs lifts to straighten core . and tone arms . develop stronger muscles in abs . legs . arms . chest . and hips.

  • CORRECTS POSTURE. This corrects body posture or spine problem like hunchback when frequently using it.

  • RELIEVE TIGHT MUSCLES: Can be used to provide myofascial release . helping to ease pain . restore alignment . and increase mobility of your muscles and joints.

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: Perfect for travel is Lightweight and Portable. This won’t occupy much space. You can put into your bag . hide in the closet or hang it anywhere.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY AGE: Perfect for pregnant women and the elderly who want to develop muscular strength . increase body awareness . improve endurance.

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  • EASY TO USE: Whether you work in the office or watch TV at home . it helps in strengthening upper your muscles to prevent or relieve pain


  • Size??23*12*8CM/9.06*4.72*3.15IN. Approximately
  • Weight: 0.2KG/0.44lb/PCS.
  • Material: PVC.


Yoga Flexible Stretching Ring x 1pc


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