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Want to maintain the beauty or coolness of your sneakersand prevent it from wrinkling and deformation?
Then youwill love this Wrinkle-free Sneaker Protector!

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Say goodbye toshoe crease on your most wanted kicks!
Wrinkle-free Sneaker Protector will maintain and restore the ??brand new look?? of your sneakers.

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      This sneaker protector guards our shoes from being crumpled while walking.

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      You just have to insert theseWrinkle-free Sneaker Protectorinside your sneakers and it will do all the works in protecting your kicks from wrinkling.

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      Made fromdurable plastic material with ventilation holes that will keep your shoes smells fresh and will last for years to come.

      You can use this for your sport shoes . casual shoes or even boots wear. This will keep them new and wrinkle-free!

      • Protects your shoes from wrinkles. Maintains and restore the new look of your shoes.
      • Breathable Design. Designed with venting holes to keep the shoes dry and breathable.
      • High Quality Product. Made of PE and TPR material that gives a strong hardness . which makes the shoe protector resilient and washable.
      • Ergonomic Design. The design makes sure that it will firmly stay stuck to thefront of shoe.
      • Wide Application. sports shoes . casual shoes . leather shoes . etc.

      Comes with auxiliary cutting lines . can be freely trimmed according to the size required. Even if it is not worn for a long time . it is recommended that you place the shoe shield inside the shoe as a support.

        • Size: Women: EU 35-39 or US 5-8; Men: EU 40-46 or US7.5-10.5
        • Material: PE and TPR
        • Weight?? 30g
        • Color: black . white

          Package Includes:

          1 pair of Wrinkle Free Sneaker Protector


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