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“I was skeptical until I got one for my Aunt and Uncle who only heat by the woodstove. This thing makes a huge difference and is unobtrusive. Should be standard equipment as far as I’m concerned.” Doug S.
Do youhave a chilly corneror two in your home despite your wood stove pumping out heat?
Purchase this quiet . simple . and ingenious device to immediately reduce the chill in your house . and maximize your home comfort for this coming season of cold.
Specially designed for wood stoves . this fanmultipliesthe effectiveness of your wood stove by circulating its surrounding hot air all around your home . with zero inconveniences for you.

Why Purchase?

  • Reduce the winter chill in your house by spreading the warming heat of yourstove much farther??and all without needinganyeffort on your part!
  • Never need to worry about it: no batteries . no turning on or off . no annoying cords . no worry for power outages! (See demo video below for more info)
  • Almost zero noise
  • Heat-powered electric fan spreads heat more widely in your living spaces with complete . automatic ease.
  • Uses eco-friendly energy source?Cthe heat already coming off your stove!
  • Automatically turns on once the base of fan reaches 140F . so any surface (or any kind of stove) that reaches this temperature will power the fan . with the hotter the surface resulting in higher fan speed. (Note: Max temperature is 640F)
  • Built-in . automatic overheat protection keeps your fan from getting accidentally damaged when your stove get really hot.
  • Fan turns off once the stove surface has cooled.
  • This is a uniquely effective and convenient technology that can increase further the eco-friendliness . economics . and value of your stove or indoor heat source.
  • Moves up to 200 CFM and spreads oven heat around much more effectively than normal natural room air currents.
  • Package Size: 7 in. x 5 in. x 9 in.
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • We are a proud . Wisconsin . USA-based store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“How does this work? Is it magic?”
No it’s physics! This fan uses an innovative thermo-electric device to generate electricity directly from heat to run the fan.
The electrical energy is generated from the thermal energy flowing through the device from the bottom (hot) portion of the fan stand to the top (fan-cooled) portion of the stand.
The effect was discovered in the early 1800s and while it is used rarely today . wood stoves offer a uniquely large source of thermal energy . making powering a wood stove fan a perfect situation for the technology.
But most of all??regardless of how it works??it is effective!

“I don’t have a Woodstove. Will this work with my pellet . coal . barrel . propane . etc. stove?”
Yes . it can! The fan works on any surface that gets hot enough to cause it to generate power for the fan motor. The base of the fan just needs to get to around 180F+ degrees to move significant air . though the hotter it gets . the more powerful the fan rotation will be.
If the design of your stove is such that it produces a hot surface on which the fan can be set . it will work great! If you have a grate . insulation . multiple layers on the top surface . it is less likely to be a good option . but you could try to measure surface temp (eg . drip a drop of water on it at full temperature to see if it boils would be one easy way) to see if it’s a good solution.

“How many fans should I get?”
If you have a larger spacerequiring more circulation power . you might consider getting two fans though of course . it is not necessary.
About 20% of our customers get2 fans and many reports being glad about it.

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