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Tired of switching out your wallets to fit your purses and clutches? Stick with one essential carry-all that can store up to 24 cards and fits the slimmest of bags with the Wonder Wallet. The sleek . leather Wonder Wallet is twice as thin and holds twice as many cards as the average wallet . giving you extra room in your purse and allowing you to access your cards with ease. The Wonder Wallet displays cards like a photo album and has an extra pocket for cash . so you can find what you need in seconds. And it’s flexible . so it can conveniently fit in tight spaces. Protect your valuable . personal information with this amazing wallet. The Wonder Wallet features RFID block . which stops remote scanning of cards and protects you from identity theft. Toss your bulky . fat wallet and go for slim and compact with the stylish Wonder Wallet.


  • Made with genuine leather
  • 12 sleeves hold up to 24 cards
  • Features RFID block . which stops remote scanning of your credit cards


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