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Burn a ton of calories while working your triceps . biceps . shoulders and even your chest and back with this Wonder Arms Body Workout Gear!


  • Firm and toned arms. This arm machine helps improve your performance and develop firm . smooth and toned arms. Make your body burn the stored fat and calories . provide you with the energy needed for workout session.

  • Resistance training. Get a total arm workout with this Wonder Arms Total Arm Workout System that easily gets rid of problem areas right at home. Tone and sculpt arms . back . traps . and hard to reach areas while burning calories.

  • First timers to gym rats. The Wonder Arms Total Arm Workout System uses dynamic movements that target hard-to-reach areas. It’s the ideal workout for all levels . from first timers to experienced gym rats.
  • Portable and lightweight. Use at home . at the office . or park. Folds for easy storage . you can carry it on your suitcase when you travel. Lightweight for easy carry.

  • Durable and comes with 3 interchangeable bands. Made from high- quality ABS . rubber and metal materials with built-in arm rests and hand grips for comfort. Includes 3 interchangeable resistance bands to up the intensity: 15 pounds . 25 pounds and 35 pounds.


  • Resistance band Color
  • Green: Beginner
  • Yellow: Intermediate
  • Red: Advanced
  • Weight: 0.7 kg


  • 1 x Wonder Arms Body Workout Gear
  • 3 x Resistance Bands


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