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Stop worrying about your grip! Let our Weightlifting Wrist Hook hooks hold onto the bar for you . so you can focus on your form and get better muscle activation. Lift until your muscles give up . not your hands!


  • Improved lifting strength and stability. These weight lifting hooks help improve your form . enhance grip strength . and reduce stress and tension during heavy lifts . powerlifting . or intense barbell movements for better safety and support.

  • Maximum comfort & support. These weightlifting hook grips are made from neoprene wrist wraps and are extra wide at 2 inches to give you more wrist stability . and they’re amply padded for cushioning! No distractions with these hooks!
  • Durable and heavy duty. Our industrial-grade fastening straps boast double-stitching . heavy-duty steel hooks with a non-slip coating . and thicker neoprene to reduce stress . wear . and tear. They’re even rated up to 600 lbs.
  • Maintain proper form and technique. Better grip on the bar during deadlifts . shrugs . pull ups . or barbell . cable . and upright rows can impact your strength gains and mobility during powerlifting . weightlifting . bodybuilding or Cross Fit.

  • One size fits all. The Weightlifting Hook Grips come in a universal one size fits all. Works great with all barbell and dumbbell sizes. Suitable for men and women . it’s a must have gym accessory.


  • Weightlifting Hook Grips (Pair)
  • Adjustable Wrist Support
  • Thick . Padded Neoprene (8mm)
  • Non-Slip Resistant Coating
  • Industrial-Grade Fastening Straps
  • Rated for 600 lbs.


  • 1 pair x Weightlifting Wrist HookWeightlifting Wrist Hook


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