WEEKLY DEAL – Soprano Hawaiian Ukulele – A Weekly Deal

$175.99 $47.99

This 21-Inch SopranoUkulele isperfect for parties . weddings . or any time you get-together with your family and friends.The nylon strings are extremelydurable and their low action (the nylon strings are set close to the fretboard)ensures a comfortable touch creating less wear and tear on your fingertips (great for beginners!). This also makes for quick and easy chord changes.The tuning keys aresemi-closed to protect fromdust.

Suitable for beginners and playersof all levels. Beautifully crafted from sapele mahogany . the soprano uke has a warm tone and stays in tune for long periods of time. Because of its compact size . you can take it anywhere.

  • Fingerboard Material: Ebony
  • Body Material: Basswood


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