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Create the look . feel . focal point and wall art of your room with a simple touch!

Style your home or office with a unique . fun and stylish touch.Bring in a Modern . Smart and InteractiveFeature and Look to your Living Room . Dining Room . Bedroom or Office and change the feel and look of the room whenever you want!

  • Create a stylish feature focal point to your home or office
  • Change the design and look at will
  • Create as much or little light as you want
  • A great backdrop for an office reception or boardroom
  • Made from ‘Touch Sensitive’ material
  • Easy for anyone to set up within minutes
  • Low Voltage . low energy usage LED Lighting
  • Safe to use and touch with no heat
  • Touch to light up or switch off any individual light
  • Long-lasting . durable and easy to keep clean
  • Plug Adapter forUS . EU . UK.

These amazing . clever modular lights willcreate a focal point in your room .an ‘interactive’piece of wall art and lighting combined. The panels are made from strong . touch-sensitive material and the low voltage LED lighting is safe for users to touch or move any part of the panels when lit.

* Power Adaptersin 3 and 5-panel sets for the US . EU . UK. 10 Panel sets are expansion sets to add to either the 3 or 5-panel sets.

Package Include:

  • 1 set *Touch-Sensitive LED Magnetic Modular Lights


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