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heExtra-warm Fleece Indoor Socksis one of themust-have itemsin your wardrobe in cold weather. The fleece cantrap the heat effectivelyand warm your feet from toes to the calf. With thesoft fleece . it iscomfortable to wearand you can feel like walking with barefoot.

The socks arestretchythat they can be rolled up and down. Also . it is suitable for wearing to bed toenhance warmnessandimprove blood circulationwhen sleeping. Let’s get your feet warm now~


  • Trap The Heat:The fleece provides athick layertotrap heat effectivelykeeping your feet warmfrom toes to the calf.
    • Soft & Comfortable:The fleece layer issoftwhich makes you feelcomfortable.

    • Stretchy Material:The socks arestretchythat allows you toroll up and downto create different styles.
    • Enhance Blood Circulation:They can be wore to bed toenhance blood circulationat night.
    • Multiple Patterns:There aremultiple patterns for selectionto fit your own style.


    • Material: Fleece
    • Size:Free size
    • Color: #01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08


    • 1 x Non-slip Thickening Christmas Stockings


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