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Don’t compromise your safety at home by leaving damaged wires unattended . use Detectzy to detect the leak and fix it. It is a Non-Contact Voltage Detector that will save you from hazardous electrical charge carried by live wires.

It senses the electrical field in the atmosphere . usually present around electrical wires and indicates the presence of voltage through light and sound indicators. The no contact feature of this product makes it very safe to operate.

Unlike traditional voltage testers . you don’t have to touch a wire anymore to know if it’s a live one or a neutral. Anyone having a basic understanding of charge and voltage can easily operate it.It can be used for minor repairing jobs at home and also for major electrical work by professionals.

So . next time when you find yourself indulged in doing any electric work at your home like changing the lights or repairing broken cords . use Detectzy to keep yourself safe and sound.


  • Pen Design and Power Saver:Detectzy is shaped like a pen for easy carrying and storage. Since it has a cordless design . it doesn’t require to be plugged in the entire time. Simply replace the batteries when needed or you can carry an extra pair as and when needed.The non-contact voltage detectorsaves your power as it automatically shuts down after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • LCD Screen:Detectzyhas an LCD screen to display the intensity of voltage. The intensity is represented by a bar graph on the screen . short and long bars represent low and high voltage respectively. The battery level is also shown on the LCD screen.
  • Light and Sound Indicators:Detectzy uses both sound and light indicators to show the presence of voltage. Greenlight means the low voltage and the red light means high voltage. The sound indicators beep slowly in case of low voltage and beep rapidly in case of high voltage.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: The voltage sensitivity of this voltage detector can be changed with the sensitivity button. It has a dual-range sensitivity (12 V ?C 1000 V / 48 V ?C 1000 V). You can choose the desired range according to your needs.
  • Built-In Flashlight: It has an in-built flashlight near the probe that can be activated/deactivated by long-pressing the sensitivity button. Detectzy also alerts you when your battery is about to drain so that your repairing job is not interrupted.
  • Premium Quality: It is made with ABS and high-quality alloys . making it a lightweight and durable product. It is also complied with the CE CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V . making it safe for use at high or fluctuating voltages.


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