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“A girl without beautiful nails is like a night without stars.”

“Your Nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.”

Tired of Admiring Other’s Beautiful Nails?
Realizing that going to a Nail Salon is Super Expensive?
Broken or Damaged Nails?

Natural looking…like yourown nails!

Our proprietary natural looking extensions are both strong and elegant. Not only can theybe quickly added to your existing nails . they can beeasily decorated to your heart’scontentto make your nailslooks super beautiful.

Our Natural Looking Nail Extensions are moreflexible than acrylic . stronger than hard gel . and lighter than both.

Not an acrylic. Not a sloppy gel.Combines the best of both worlds in a revolutionary all-in-one systemthat’s undeniably amazing.

After years in development and extensive salon testing . users agree that our Natural Looking Nail Extensions deliverstrong . flexible . feather-light nails.


  • Light:Salon clients won’t know they’re wearing enhancements.
  • Strong:Stronger than hard gels for unstoppable nails.
  • Safe:Monomer-free . 7-free . NO airborne dust.
  • Easy:Fast application . unlimited playtime . zero chasing.
  • Flawless:Suited for everyone from students to experienced professionals.

How to use:

  1. Clean your cuticles and file your nail surface. Squeeze out a fair amount of acryl gel.
  2. Pick up the acryl gel
  3. Put it on a nail mold
  4. Shape the gel into the nail form
  5. Spread the gel onto the nail mold
  6. Gently stick onto your nail . apply pressure and remove the mold.
  7. Add nail polish or shape the nails the way you like.


30ml Nail Extension Gel


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