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Outdoor lighting is an important feature of any home . but things have moved far beyond the days of a simple porch light. We now want our outdoor lighting to include functionality and looks. After all . a properly lighted walkway or set of steps can prevent a nasty fall!

At one time . adding outdoor lighting would cost lots of money and take long periods of time to set up . but that’s all changed in recent years as solar lighting technology has improved.

These lovely .Moroccan Tower Solar Lanternscreate a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to any outdoor . living space! They’re easy to position on your lawn and require very low-maintenance. These lanterns light up automatically . when darkness falls and will cast a soft light . perfect for late night chats or romantic outdoor dinners.

Turn your lifeless backyard into the ultimate hangout spot in no time!

Package Contains: 4Moroccan Tower Solar Lanterns
Product Dimensions:2.5*2.5*12 inches
Working Time:6 to 8 hours illumination after a full charge in the daytime.


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