LED Smart Night Fishing Buoy – Esfranki

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LED Smart Night Fishing Buoy provides bright LED light for night fishing, ensuring you to get a clearer visibility and enhance chanceofcatching fish.With smartsensor, this buoy turns to luminous red when fish bites, and turns back to green for idle status.NEVER MISS YOUR FISH!


  • LED Night Fishing
    Bright and luminous color is visible at night for better visibility.
  • Smart Fish Bite Alarm
    LED light turns to red when fish bites and turn back to green when the buoy is idle.

  • Partition LED
    The light is bright enough but not dazzling.
  • Easy to attach on fishing line.
  • Stable enoughand waveproof.
  • Ultra flexible
    Made of glass fiber material with strong toughness to prevent breakage.

  • Lightweight with better buoyancy and sensitivity.
  • Perfect for shallow water fishing, such as panfish, steelhead, walleye, catfish, Carp, Crucian Carp etc.
  • Long Lasting battery that lasts up to 300 hours.


  • Length: 35.5cm
  • Suitable for fishing rod: 3.6m
  • Suitable forwater depth: 1-3m


  • 3x LED Smart Night Fishing Buoy


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