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Loose shoelacesinterrupts your walk . run or activity? Ortiredof tying your kid’s shoelaceshundred times a day?All of these are not to be worried about anymore! We have theperfectSOLUTIONfor you.

TheEASYSHOE LACEworks by just slipping it to your shoe’s eyelets and clipping them in to place. It is made fromSOFTandFLEXIBLESILICONEmaking itSTRETCHYenough you don’t have to keep doing it every time you wear your shoes.

It just merely turns all your favorite shoes intoEASY SLIP-ONS! It isDURABLEproviding youULTIMATE SUPPORTeven in a repeated intense workout . running or walking. It is alsoWATER RESISTANTyou don’t have to worry about having dirty shoe laces.

ThisEASYSHOE LACEwon’t just give you anEASY LIFEwhen dealing with your shoes . and it can also bring aFUNKY MAKEOVERas it has a set of6BRIGHTLY COLOREDlaces for you to choose.

They slip through your shoes’ eyelets and clip into place. Because they are stretchy . it means youdon’t have to undothem to put your shoes on or take them off . turning all your favorites intoan easy-wear slip-on.

  • 14 strapper package
  • Elastic
  • One size fits all
  • Works together to any size of shoes
  • Multiple color optionsto suit your style
  • Slipon / slip off while keeping a cozy & relaxed fit
  • Water-resistantquality .stay active in any weather

These shoelacesprovideultimate supporteven in repeated intense workout conditions. No matterwhether you are an athlete or a busy parent . let theEasyShoe Lacekeeps you in step throughout your day.


12pcs/PackEasyShoe Lace


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