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Kids love to draw . doodle out on the walls. But your freshly painted walls can be hampered when they write or scribble on them too. To balance out the situation . there is a new item-the creative sticking blackboard. They are blackboards which can be stuck on any wall. It comes with five free chalks to let your kid scribble or make out novel ideas on board. These can be reused by removing the sticker and sticking it elsewhere.

The process to stick and remove is quite simple. One has to peel off the sticking film and press it onto the desired surface . evenly. While lifting . the corners can be first peeled and then the whole blackboard. One can clean it effortlessly while using a simple cloth. With its rolling capacity and thin surface . one can transport or store it easily. It can be a great gifting tool for toddlers.


  • A great tool used for kids
  • Simple blackboard kind of paper used to draw using kids
  • Can be stuck on the walls . kitchen spaces . refrigerator . etc.
  • It has removable material
  • Can’t be used on freshly painted walls
  • Can be erased by cleaning cloth
  • Easy to use . stick and clean


  • Color: Black
  • Size: 200×45 cm or 18×79 inches
  • Thickness: 0.08 mm
  • Material: Removable sticky vinyl


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