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No more mess in transferring sliced cakes.

Normal slicers need support whenever you have to transfer the sliced cake to a plate to avoid it from dropping and creating a mess. Cake presentation needs not to be messy with the new and improved Cake Slicer.

The Cake Sliceris made to present a perfectly sliced cake every time. Simply press the slicerthrough the cake and squeeze lightly. No need to hold the cake with your hand nor a fork to support it. Release to place the cake on your plate is now made simple and easy. No mess will be created.


  • Perfect-Shape Cut: Always present an evenly and perfectly sliced cake upon serving.
  • No Mess: No need to touch the cake while slicing and serving onto the plate as it securely holds it in place.
  • Non-Stick: Release to place the cake on the plate. The cake will not stick on the slicer.
  • Safe For Use: Safe for everyone to use as there are no sharp blades on this slicer.
  • Safe Materials: Made of non-toxic food-grade silicone that does not transfer colour nor taste to the cake.


  • Materials: Food-Grade Silicone
  • Colour: Green
  • Size: 25cm X 4cm X 4.3cm


  • 1pc x Cake Slicer


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