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Repair Bleached Hair While Washing!

Having yellow hair shows how unhealthy your hair is. Treat and cover them using the BrassAway Revitalizing Shampoo. The BrassAway Revitalizing Shampoo is formulated to get your hair back to its brilliant and shimmering silver tones with revitalized color. It corrects brassiness and yellow tones while brightening natural highlights for softer . shinier and healthier hair. It is also infused with an innovative ultraviolet filter that shields hair against harmful UV rays for more healthy hair.


  • NO YELLOW TONE – It contains violet pigments to compensate for unwanted yellow tones and perfectly creates ashy beautiful hair.
  • SOFTENS AND SHINES – It softens hair strands and adds shine to natural blond hair and color renew tone.
  • HEALTHIER-LOOKING HAIR – Unlike other bleaching material . it does not make your hair look lifeless . instead . it makes the hair look alive and healthier.
  • SAFE INGREDIENTS – It is made paraben-free . sulfate-free . 100% vegan . and recyclable.
  • PROTECTED FROM SUN DAMAGE – Its innovative ultraviolet filters shield hair against harmful UV rays for lasting salon-fresh hair and avoid discoloration damage.


  • Net Wt: 100ml


  • 1 x BrassAway Shampoo


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