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The3 In 1 Portable Travel Bottleis an innovative bottle that let you organise your personal care items by splitting large volume liquid into sub-bottles. With theclosely sealed cover, it helps store all liquids properly.

With the 60ml capacity it is portable for all travellers to carry on plane or put into backpacks, storing shampoo, shower gel or face cleaner in a convenient way.


  • Easy To Split & Combine:There are three sub-bottles that can be easily split and combined to store various kinds of personal care liquids in a convenient way.

  • IdealCapacity:The total volume is 60ml, which is allowed to carry on plane without exceeding the aircraft hand-carry limits.

  • Easy To Clean:The inner bottle is made of non-stick material that is easy to wash out excess liquid and leave no residuals after cleaning.

  • Leak-proof Design: The bottle cap is closely sealed to prevent any leakage in backpacks or suitcases.

  • Durable Material:It is made of eco-friendly materials like PE & PP plastic which are durable and safe to use.
  • Clear Distinguishable Labels:You can easily notify the liquid types by putting the labels on each sub-bottles to help identify various personal care items.


  • Material:PP & PE
  • Volume: 3 x 20ml (Sub-bottle)
  • Size: 9cm X 9cm X 8.5cm
  • Color: Pink / Blue


  • 1 x3 In 1 Portable Travel Bottle


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