1-Second Pearl Hair Clip – Esfranki

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1-Second Pearl Hair Clip gives you an elegant, charming look with high-end, shinny pearls twining around your ponytail. Nomorehair ties, pins or any extra tool required to tie up your hair!With ultra elastic & double insert design, you can just stretch to clip andcreate thousands of hairstyles includingponytails, buns, braids, half-up hairstyles & more, while keeping hairstyle for a whole day.Stretchable up to 23cm wide!So it works for any hair types – From thick to thin, longto short!


  • 1-Second Hair Styling
    Easily ties up hair in a second without using hair ties, pins or any extra tool!
  • Tie up your Hair Firmly
    Elastic and double insert comb design holds your hair firmly. Able to stretch to 23cm wide.
  • Multiple Hairstyles
    Ideal for creating ponytails, buns, braids, half-up hairstyles & more.

  • Elegant Style
    Crystal clear pearls twine around your ponytail with premium rose gold/ silver colors.

  • Comfortable to Wear
    Prevents hair tangling and won’t hurt your hair or scalps.
  • WorksforAny Hair Type
    From thick to thin hair, long or short,straight or curly.


  • Material:Crystal Beads, Alloy
  • Size:13.5 x 8.5cm
  • Color:Rose Gold, Silver


  • 1 x1-Second Pearl Hair Clip


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