Primrose Pharmacy

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Rodney –

Victim Location 15340

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Primrose Pharmacy and Nationwide Pharmacare are contacting patients and trying to obtain personal information from them such as who there doctor is, then once they receive said information they are faxing prefilled prescriptions that need doctors signatures for all kinds of supplies such as diabetic testing supplies, wound cream, vitamin supplements, BP monitoring systems, and alcohol swabs. There faxes and calls state that the patients are requesting these services from them, so we call patients to verify that they want to use these companies, and they state they ARE NOT requesting. That these companies are just contacting them out of nowhere. We are receiving multiple calls and faxes daily from these companies. Theses companies are taking up a lot of valuable time we could be caring for patients but instead are having to spend hours talking with patients, talking with these companies, and dealing with the multiple faxes we receive. We believe this is a scam in which these companies are trying to get money from insurance companies and patients for these supplies if they can just get a doctor to sign for it. The contact information we are getting from them are: Primrose pharmacy information is 8601 Dunwoody Place, Suite 146, Sandy Springs, GA 30350 ph-866-421-1085, fax- 888-711-3274. Nationwide Pharmacare ph-888-912-2616, fax-866-405-8962.



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