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Austin –

Victim Location 28540

Type of a scam Romance

A person on Zoosk contacted me and said her cousin, "Josep Sandro" saw my profile and wanted to meet me. We started emailing, and right away I knew it was a scam. He was telling me he loved me and asking him to marry me within a week, all the while prepping me to become a "consultant" and partner in his fake business, Paradise Groups LLC. Not only that, but he uses fake photos of a real Turkish man named Gafur Aliser. He has other aliases: Randy Cardle, Carl Alexandar, Benar Bush, etc. Please see the following links:

This is the real person’s facebook photo:

This is the scammer’s website, where he uses the photo and his alias, "Josep L Sandro" and claims to be the CEO.

These are his other fake profiles and aliases:

Here are some of the emails I have received (out of 14) –in 2 of them, he is hinting that he will need my personal information:


Josep Sandro

Mon 7/23, 8:46 PM


Nova my love,you need to know that above all things love is a beautiful thing and one thing you should understand is that in this life one person is created for the other just same way am beginning to see it now that i am created for you and you created for me also and in this lane we should let love lead so i crave your indulgence to stop comparing me to other guys maybe in the line of planning our first meeting and all that,what you should see most in me is this is mine and you search no more,stop telling me that you expect me to do something like other guys and start seeing that i should do something unique that will sweep you off your feet and bless the day you found me,if i do things the way other people you have come across with does then i might also end up a failure but be informed now that i have a task to make you happy and your endless happiness is my biggest project,with that being confessed see me as all i present i have much more to offer and will forever give you endless smiles.

I am just taking my time to give you a clue on what our first date will look like,in as much as i love giving surprises and in your case it will be whole handsome surprise that should keep you wondering for the rest of your life how i pulled such stunts but that being said first and foremost after our first meeting that very weekend am stealing you away to an island which all i need your details as to identification to make the reservations that will be presented on our golden and awesomely reserved tents,spending all Friday to Monday on the high sea in a yatch and that will be awesome,at the stage we are now all i need is your support,your patience and also your compliance as to any information i demand then know its i line to my plans and also note that we should get a dress code which yours should be red gown on our first outing,should i mention to you the color of panties i will want you n? with all due respect i will leave that to you for a permission before i make such moves,i also have a plan to have all i feel you will be needing on our first getaway available and permit me to know your style of perfumes,clothes,and all you will need then also talking about you getting a house by the beach i have a plan for that which we will discuss further on but let me handle your questions as they came in order not to rush things.

I am due to leave for Cali by Wednesday this week and hope by Friday/Saturday i should be wrapping things up but you should please be in constant communication with me and always check your emails as from time to time i will be messaging you,more of the reason i was thinking texting could help in this instance but i will respect your stance on that until things changes for your freedom,now going down the business side,first on that part darling you should know that i have been this successful that all i seek now is you,us and our happiness together so if we both are in this business together and we have a lifetime commitment together we do not need a 3rd party in our affairs be it economical,emotional,otherwise but what matters most is our affection,love and happiness within each other that matters,yes i had issues with my forever partners but we were strictly on the business ground and not love like you and i have come so while they were selfish with their ambitions you and i will be selfless with our feelings as we are not and will never be over ambitious but love will always be answers to very of our questions,in that line i am making it clear to you that there is no need of any lawyer coming in between us,you and i are a team forever and we are both owners of Paradise Group henceforth,I will gladly and romantically bring you in to the business as i have already started and we both will be there handling the ups and the downs,take for instance in this current bid be it during my trip to Cali i need something urgent and i can bring you in to handle that for you so that is how it is,your filed i education but love lives deep in your heart then my dear all i want is a companion,one is hould look up to and know yes i have a team mate,money will not be our problem so there no need for a paper work and also i should make you understand that what ever happened in the past is in the past and my pains of yesterday will never affected my joy of today and happiness of tomorrow which you have brought my way so my dear life is beautiful and love is sweet lets eat love without end.

With you i will not loose anything,all i want is you seeing yourself as mine and i seeing myself as yours then also henceforth the company should be called "ours" and no longer mine is that understood darling ?

I hope i have said enough here and not forgetting to appreciate your beauty and hope to hear back from you lets keep it going dear,kisses and loe from my heart and do have a great evening


Latest email:


Josep Sandro

Today, 8:24 AM


Good morning dear Nova,

I am very pleased to get your email and much more delighted you were able to get an agreement note,i am going ahead to fill some vital aspects of the agreement papers and anywhere i am not able to fill you can peruse and do that on my behalf,also if you will not mind i can as a line of trust building give you access to one of the company account details online so you look it up as i am looking forward that this California deal will demand much from us and maybe i will need some more commitment from you into,i need you to give e a go ahead to furnish you details of the banking online of the company s you see our current financial strength then i can tell you more about the California deal.

While i await your response i will go ahead to fill the form and wishing you a lovely day with all love from my heart to your smiling face.

Kisses Darling


**I have continued to email him in order to get evidence of his entire scam. Reported him to the IC3, FTC, Google, etc, and nothing was done. His site is still active, and he continues to email me. I am afraid he will scam someone else. I sent him a "business partnership template" and said that I needed a lawyer to look at it, and right away he balked at the idea of involving a lawyer–see the first email.The photo below is one of 3 he sent me, claiming to be Josep Sandro, when he is clearly not. He has not asked for a specific amount of money yet, but says that he has a 3.8 million dollar deal with Chevron that will be closed on Saturday, and he will need me…so I expect to be asked for money at the end of this week



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